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What We Do

We build cutting-edge non-invasive neural interface that decipher human intent and control the digital world. Our products enable machines to understand the human brain and enhance human capabilities. Our advanced machine learning algorithms could decode signals directly from the nervous system into meaningfull Insigths which let you operate things whether you are differently-abled or fully abled.

Apart from it we have created a marketplace where other BCI companies could partner with us and showcase and sell their products, run pilot projects, increase brand awareness and execute case study with us. The marketplace also offers reviews & rating about the product, compare products in a particular domain and provide feedback to companies.

About us

CogniSciX is team of ingenious neuroscientists, machine learning and computational neuroscience engineers focused on filling the space between humans and technology. We are located with in India, New Delhi and always invite new team members to build future technology together.


Technology Applications

With the growth in modern computing, along with our understanding of the human brain, we are moving closer to making some pretty spectacular science fiction into reality. Human brain is full of neurons that are responsible for our ability to think, move, feel, or work. And brain machine interface works with the help of small electric signals that zip from neuron to neuron as fast as 250 mph. These signals are generated by differences in electric potential carried by ions on the membrane of each neuron. Our Brain machine interface devices records brain waves and sends them to the computer system to perform the intended task. These transmitted waves are used for controlling and object or expressing an idea

Smart Environments

Smart environments such as smart houses, workplaces or transportations could also exploit brain computer interfaces in offering further safety, luxury and physiological control to humans’ daily life.


BCI technology takes advantage of brain signals in all associated phases including prevention, detection, diagnosis, rehabilitation and restoration


BCI based assessment measures the generated attention accompanying watching activity and estimating the memorization of TV advertisements thus providing for evaluation.

Cognitive biometrics

In the field of security and authentication is an application of the BMI technology to overcome the vulnerabilities encountered in this field.