So, what stops people from making
financial progress?

Fear of loss of money

As per Neuro-economists Fear of loss of money gets
processed in the same part of brain that deals with death & mortality. This fear stems from lack on adequate knowledge.

Hence people prefer being safe than sorry.

Busy Schedule

Financial Planning & Investment are an implied need and not an explicit need. People are generally busy; they prefer to spend free time with their families & friends.

Financial Planning & Investment takes a back-seat.

So, why don’t people outsource it?

People do not mind outsourcing their financial worries & money management provided they find someone trusted?

Three key factors that builds trust


People prefer to deal money matters when they are free.


People trust qualified professional to manage their hard-earned money efficiently & effectively.


Other parameters become meaningless in absence of ethics – a non negotiable factor.

Unique Phone based Financial Services

Helping you plan, invest and navigate to help you reach and often exceed your financial goals.

The conventional physical brick-n-mortar model of meeting in-person and offering financial solution is the root-cause of all wrong selling. It’s our pledge to never, ever wrongly sell a product to anyone.

Fincart consultants offers financial solution over phone; records the conversation and shares the audio-link of recorded conversation. All communications are over email & documented. It allows you the flexibility to talk to our consultants, anytime from anywhere during working hours. These consultants not only help you plan but also help you invest and navigate the investments to help reach and often exceed your financial goals.

Why Fincart?


The better we know you, the better we customise the financial plan.

At Fincart, our endeavour is not to sell you yet another financial product but help you with a complete customised solution and guide you in your financial journey.

How can Financial Planning help?

Financial Planning - Your complete money management solution.

Goal Planning

Such as Children’s education, children’s marriage, vacation, buying a home or car, etc.

Retirement Planning

What should be your retirement corpus to lead a happy retired life.

Insurance Planning

What’s your human life value? What should be your cover? Which is the best one for you? More Info

Emergency Funds

Funds for unplanned expenditures.

Tax Planning

Proper tax planning will help you save tax, leaving more money in your hand.

Budgeting & Loan Management

Repay bad loans and take better control of your finances.

Investment Planning

Investing in best suited invests to achieve your goals confidently.

How our clients have benefitted?

Our vision is to make meaningful impact to the lives of Indians across the globe with sound & profitable investments.

Technology Security

Security & Privacy

We use the strongest browser encryption available, store all of our data on servers in a secure facility, and implement systematic processes and procedures for securing and storing data.

Fraud Protection

We are committed to protecting your account from unauthorized activity. We will work to recover any loss that results from unauthorized use of your Fincart account.

Complete Transparency

On any day, you can check the amount that was invested in each Mutual Fund, the current value and the trajectory of your investment since the day it was invested.